Daring to be Human is a mastermind for personal and spiritual growth, a safe place for women to heal with the support of others on a similar path looking to live boldly and fearlessly.

$77 Month to month – no contract or commitment beyond the 30days.
You can cancel on your own and leave at anytime! 

What is the DARING TO BE HUMAN Membership About?

My commitment to the Daring to be Human mastermind is to value and support all women on their life’s journey as we celebrate, empower and nurture one another. I want to honor this as a protected safe space for you to explore and develop your inner life.

We will connect creatively, spiritually and authentically. This is a place of healing and reconciliation. We will focus on what holds us in common rather than what divides us.

In pursuit of a new reality in which all have a place at the table, and there is no longer ‘us and them’ but simply ‘us’.

A space to practice loving kindness. Where you each gain an understanding of the ways you have been shaped by a radically formed society and identify the pathways to greater connection to self and others.

I do a lot of self development. I'm totally down with understanding that much of what we see and experience is a mirror to ourselves. But what this group does in particular is it gives you another kind of mirror where as a group you support others on their journey, but every single time somebody post something in here It causes me to think about something I need to work on or consider. It's like a fun house mirror. You see something so obvious in an entirely different way and it helps you grow so much. Having access to Danielle it's just the icing on the cake. This entire group atmosphere Is just pure magic.

Together we will face our truths with new awareness, love and compassion.

Become a member of not just a community, but a movement of unity.

$77 Month to month – no contract or commitment beyond the 30days.
You can cancel on your own and leave at anytime! 

The most important thing for me that I get from this group is the emotional support. I'm not afraid to share my truth because anything I bring to the table is valid, examined if need be, or just held safely while Spirit does its magic. It is an energetic safety net for the times when life gets shaky. That makes all the difference between taking a leap of faith and falling on your face and flying.

“What am I doing wrong?” “Manifesting Mary seems to get everything she wants. I followed her method. I read the books. I listened to the meditations. I did the mantras.” Insert tears or rolling eyes.
[girl, I know this feeling, and it’s discouraging.]

Since when does improving your mindset and doing self-care look a certain way? Or follow a set of rules?

The self-development industry puts you into another container, making you feel like you need to be yet again "perfect."


  • To free yourself from the memories in the past and the fear of what's to come in the future?
  • To no longer be held captive by shame and walls you built around yourself, that takes away your peace?
  • To use your voice freely to heal your devoted heart?
  • To rise up in partnership with the body that stood by you no matter how much you have abused it, and carry on freely, boldly?
  • To stop the cycle and gain control of your life without feeling like you let yourself down again?
  • To not feel like you failed another stereotypical self-help method that wants you "perfect."

Vicky Rivera

Jessica Loper

Daring To Be Human is perfect for the heart-centered, soul-driven, self-development seeking WOMAN who is sick of spending her hard-earned money on fluffy, frilly courses, programs, and books that have someone selling you a one size-fits-all method, not one that is yours.

Your selfcare doesn't have to look like anyone else's.
And shouldn't be making you feel worse about yourself.

Past experiences become pivotal moments in your life. The way that you transition from your past will depend upon your personality type to be able to determine the best course of action/route to take to leverage your mistakes and failures. The most significant advantage of doing so allows you to recognize the parts of yourself that have become dormant and shut away as you lived the path that was taught upon you from others. Meaning, often, you’ve been living the life of your family limiting beliefs rather than creating your own path.

Grab hold of your obstacles and rid them quickly

Daring To Be Human teaches you in the simplest way to do hard mindset work while also honoring your past and working through it. This mastermind is the bridge to go from the side that you’re on, to get you to the side that you would like to become without it being excruciatingly debilitating.

Kathy Aguayo

Emma-Rose Moutter

$77 Month to month – no contract or commitment beyond the 30days.
You can cancel on your own and leave at anytime! 

Daring To Be Human, is the middle ground, the safe haven that comes with grace and a bit of encouragement to give you hope, support, and accountability along the way. 

It’s the realistic approach to self-development, that if anyone was TRULY HONEST would admit that it can be a real B. 

It can hurt, it can be scary, and it can feel like the road doesn’t end. I’m not going to pretend those things don’t exist. 

I will say, though; they can, they do get better with the right tools and support. I’ve done it, and I do it, and so have hundreds of others I have helped serve over the years. 

This membership is so much more than “free training” or “monthly resources”. It’s an intimate space of growth, mutual understanding and extended access to me.

 At your own pace, take control of what’s really your’s, see what you already have, find grace when crap gets hard, and love yourself in a healthy new “YOU” way. 

How? Training your brain to think differently literally changes your life. Our conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings are the very blueprints that control our future.



  • Private Community with access to me and the other members for support, vents, advice, celebrations...
  • 4 Group ZOOM calls each month, recorded and placed in the membership site
  • Monthly Meditation & Journal Prompts dropped each month
  • Access to all past group calls, meditations, and prompts in the membership site
  • Access to courses and content as you stay a member. ***.
  • Plus a few extra surprises.

***For example
After your first month you will begin to get access to time released courses based on how long you have been a member.

Any courses that unlock you will have access to as long as you are a member. They are available for purchase if you do choose to cancel otherwise they do not come with you once you are not a member. 

Ami Kismet

$77 Month to month – no contract or commitment beyond the 30days.
You can cancel on your own and leave at anytime! 

I am an intuitive mindset teacher that guides women to become fearless, daring, spirits in their life & business. 

I’m known for my intuitive mindset tell-it-like-is teaching, but what keeps people sticking around and even planning their road trips just to meet up with me in real life? (True story.)

I’ve been though sexual truama, sucidial depression panic and axiety attacks. I’m married to a war vet with PTSD.

I get pain, it’s real. We still can thrive with time, with the right support.  I help you become bold. 

Because being bold, allows you to tap into the depths of your confidence to be able to manifest your most ideal life.

My favorite thing ever is seeing the lightbulb go off when you realize that it IS possible – and then sharing in your happiness when your external world begins matching your internal confidence. 

 I’ve been featured in publications such as Purpose Fairy, Thrive Global, Medium, The Elephant Journal for my mindset expertise.

Immerse your healing in a safe, judgement-free zone and feel a sense of unity in a world that’s increasingly divided.  

Enhance your sense of well-being by forging a greater connection to yourself and others. 

Reconcile with your past, focus on the moment and transform your future.  Grow deeply into learning self-love and self-forgiveness through multiple spiritual channels and coaching. 

By joining the Daring to be Human, you also become a part of a divine container where energetic transmission and continuous light flows. Receive the energy and the healing the container provides every single day.

Allow the support and guidance from Daring to be Human to become your catalyst for the growth you are looking for.

$77 Month to month – no contract or commitment beyond the 30days.
You can cancel on your own and leave at anytime! 

You are an amazing woman who is READY to become a bold, fearless, daring spirit that manifests YOUR ideal life.